Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Nothing from nothing leaves nothing'

Heard a message the other day about "Nothing".  

And how all you need is 'nothing' to start something.  Often we want to procrastinate until everything is set in place before acting on an idea. 

But I've learned that the longer I wait to start, 
decreases the chances of me actually starting. 

 Fear,  feelings of inadequacy, and even people can aid in 
complacency as well.  Just being content where I am, with the 
little I'm doing now is guaranteed to keep me right here.

We want more out of life but often refuse the 
responsibility to get and keep more. 

  • Don't let having 'nothing' keep you from starting.
  • Don't let any negativity stop your progression.
  • Don't let the obligation of responsibility deter you from commitment.

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