Friday, October 12, 2012

'Your Journey'

I wrote this in May of 2011, but it's still relevant for today.

On the road headed home from Detroit on Sunday, I left about 7:30pm, still daylight and clear skies.  Then as the sky dimmed and introducing the night, only the moon and stars lit the sky and rain drops began to fall briskly.  Immediately my eyes became more alert to any possible casualties that could occur because of the carelessness of myself or others. And then after about 20 minutes the rain stopped. 

With no streets lights on the interstate, I could only depend on my headlights or the lights of the vehicle ahead of me.  And as I approached a particular tractor trailer, I was set at ease with their lighting, and the direction of their path.  With no effort, I just followed the tractor not realizing that my MPH had decreased tremendously. 

Ready to get home and off the road I turned my left signal on, passed the tractor and continued on my way.  After about 2 to 3 minutes I glanced in my rear-view mirror to see the tractor way off in the distance. 
I then realized that had I stayed in that comfortable, thoughtless position (behind the tractor) I would never have surpassed that point in my journey.  And then I heard this:

Until you come out of the shadow of others,
you’ll never know how far YOU actually can go!

  • Don’t be so content or complacent in life that you miss those opportunities that will stretch you into the proficient individual that you desire to be…..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Nothing from nothing leaves nothing'

Heard a message the other day about "Nothing".  

And how all you need is 'nothing' to start something.  Often we want to procrastinate until everything is set in place before acting on an idea. 

But I've learned that the longer I wait to start, 
decreases the chances of me actually starting. 

 Fear,  feelings of inadequacy, and even people can aid in 
complacency as well.  Just being content where I am, with the 
little I'm doing now is guaranteed to keep me right here.

We want more out of life but often refuse the 
responsibility to get and keep more. 

  • Don't let having 'nothing' keep you from starting.
  • Don't let any negativity stop your progression.
  • Don't let the obligation of responsibility deter you from commitment.